I have a full studio setup at home which has several advantages to it - both technical and in terms of performance. In addition to the gear I have listed in the Live Gear section I have many other cymbals, snare options as well as various electronics and percussion.

That said in today's age of digital recording, sound replacement can make this (at least some of it) a moot point depending on the situation.


  • My drumkit is permenantly setup and levels are already set; I can pretty much start recording once all the gear is on.
  • Full Pro Tools setup for recording and editing.
  • As listed in the Live Gear section of the website I have various electronics as well as percussion that can be used to augment the drum tracks.
  • There is zero setup time - when lugging gear to an external studio you could spend 2 hours or more just getting things setup (more time for me to track).
  • 30 plus cymbals to choose from.
  • Several snares to choose from


  • I have to travel about 60 feet to get to my studio.
  • A MUCH more relaxed environment which facilitates a more creative vibe.
  • I serve as both drummer and engineer.